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Equipment for Sale


Two pieces of equipment that are an absolute “must have” for home training are weave poles and jumps. With that thought in mind K9 POWERSPORTS is now building both…..as well as selling some components so you can build your own!

PLEASE NOTE: I build this equipment primarily to help the training of our dogs here on the Western Slope, and do my darndest to keep the prices low. I assume that the equipment will be picked up here at K9 POWERSPORTS. Shipping will add cost prohibitive charges that will defeat my pricing structure, so for that reason, no items on this page will be shipped. However, if you (or someone you know) will be driving through Grand Junction soon, just give me about a weeks notice and I can make anything you see here available for pick up!

The weave pole bases and finished jumps are manufactured on an “as needed” basis, so just let me know what you need and give me a few days to put ‘em together!


The weave poles are, by far, the toughest obstacle to train. I have a couple options here to make the training go a little quicker.

“Stick-in-the-Ground” Weave Pole Bases

The low cost way to go. Just add your own ¾” PVC pipe (or I can supply it) and maybe some vinyl tape and you are good to go! If your dog is just beginning to learn to weave you can space every other pole off to one side and instantly have your own “Channel Weaves” at a fraction of the cost of a commercial set. Adding a set of “Weave Wires” will help your dog stay in the poles while keeping his speed up.

Pro: Low cost, light weight, can be used as Channel Weaves, can train your dog and aerate your lawn
Con: Longer set-up time as you need to measure the distance between the poles, larger high-drive dogs may knock them over

in ground weave poles with poles with weave wires


6 “Stick-in-the-Ground” bases- $20.00
(add 6 taped PVC poles for another $10.00)
12 “Stick-in-the-Ground” bases- $40.00
(add 12 taped PVC poles for another $20.00)


Traditional Steel Weave Pole Bases

Just like you might see at an agility trial. Very tough and will provide years of practice.

Pro: Easy set-up, very durable, just like competition poles you see at agility trials, can be anchored to the ground so even the craziest dogs can’t budge them, can paint them just about any color
Con: More expensive, fairly heavy, can’t be used as Channel Weaves


Weave Polls Weave polls
Weave polls weave polls


The bases are 2-1/2” wide 3/16” thick mild steel. The weave pole supports are .065” thick tube steel just right for holding the ¾” PVC weave poles. Each base has 6 pole supports and is 11’ long, weighing approximately 22 lbs. The weave poles supports will be 24" on center unless specified otherwise. The “feet” sticking out to the sides are each 12” long and drilled for a 3/8” spike or lag screw to fasten to the ground. For convenience, I can weld in a hinge in the middle so the bases fold flat (5-1/2’ long) and can fit in most cars.

The bases are primed and then coated with a mix of Rustoleum “Pro” spray paint and sand, making for a durable, non-slip finish.

Colors available: Blue, Red, Green, Brown or Black.

Powdercoating is available starting at $40 per 6 pole base. Call me for more info.

For those that might want to save a little money or finish their own, I am making the weave pole sets available in several levels!


6 Pole base
Bare metal only- $70.00
Primered & Painted- $80.00
Primered & Painted with taped weave poles- $90.00
(add $5.00 to above prices for a hinge)

For a 12 weave pole set, you need to order two 6 pole sets. They are available in the same levels as the 6 pole set and the prices are twice the 6 Pole base prices. The two 6 Pole bases mate together so you can get one 6 Pole set now and when your dog is ready you can get another 6 Pole set later.



weave wires weave wires
weave wires

Great training aids to help your dog understand the flow of the poles and develop muscle memory! The “wires” are actually ¼” PEX plastic plumbing tubing attached to a PVC connector enabling them to snap to the ¾” weave poles easily.


Each “wire”- $5.00
4 “wire” set (for 6 weave poles)- $20.00
10 “wire” set (for 12 weave poles)- $50.00



Jump Jump

These jumps are made of 1-1/4” PVC and are lightweight, easy to store, quick to set up and safe for your dog! I prime and paint them with Rustoleum “Painter’s Touch” (for plastic) paints which are available in a bunch of colors so just let me know what you like! These jumps include the Clip and Go Jump Strips for all jump heights from 4” to 26”.


Jump standards alone (no bars), primed and painted as shown- $57.00 per pair
Jump standards, primed and painted, and cleaned /taped 1” bars (2) as shown- $65.00 per pair



Wing Jumps

I made these jumps for the Zippity Do Dogs Agility Club and have since received several inquiries from people wanting to purchase their own. Each wing is approximately 33" high and 24" wide, and the "Redwood" lattice is actually PVC plastic. The feet on the bottom are easily detachable (easy storage!), about 10" long, and filled with concrete for stability in the wind (they only add about 4 lbs. to the weight of each wing).

Like the regular jumps above, the wing jumps come with Clip n' Go Jump Strips and your choice of colors, as well as cleaned/taped jump bars (2). Each Jump (2 wings)- $90.00



In stock now!

For those who would like to build their own jumps (it is an easy, fun project!!), here are the parts you will need that you won’t be able to find locally! Everything else (basically 1-1/4” PVC pipe and caps) you can find at your favorite home improvement store!

5 Way Cross- Made out of Furniture Grade PVC, they are thick and very durable. The perfect base for your jumps!- $9.00 per pair5 way connector

Clip and Go Jump Strips- Set your bars at any jump height and the jump cups are safe, rounded plastic. They even come with screws for attaching to the PVC uprights! Very popular!- $15.00 per pair

Jump parts Jump parts