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K9 Powersports

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All classes will be held either indoors on artificial turf or outdoors on grass with secure fencing. All equipment used is state-of-the-art competition quality for your dogs’ safety. All classes are one hour in length unless otherwise noted.


Puppy Pre-Agility 1 - $95 (5 Weeks)

We love puppies! This class will introduce puppies to most of the agility equipment while at the same time developing attention skills, basic commands, and enhancing socialization. The focus will be on fun! All contact equipment will be lowered to help build the puppies’ confidence. Low jumps will be used in order to protect the puppies growing bodies! No weave poles. Puppies will be on leash. Please bring a 4 foot or 6 foot lightweight (nylon is great) leash. No retractable leashes!

Open to all puppies 4 months to 1 year of age. Class limit of 6 pups.

Puppy Pre-Agility 2 - $95 (5 Weeks)

This is a continuation of the Puppy Pre-Agility 1 class. Skills learned in the previous class will be expanded on. As in the previous class, all contact equipment will remain lowered and no weave poles or full height jumps will be used.

Prerequisite: Puppy Pre-Agility 1. Class limit of 6 pups.

Beginning Agility 1 - $115 (6 Weeks)

This class will introduce the dogs to most of the agility equipment while at the same time developing attention skills and basic commands. Handlers will begin to learn basic footwork and body language. The focus will be on fun! All contact equipment will be lowered to help the dogs build confidence. No weave poles will be used. Dogs will be on leash. Please bring a 4 foot or 6 foot lightweight (nylon is great) leash. No retractable leashes!

Open to dogs at least 1 year of age. Class limit of 6 dogs.

Beginning Agility 2 - $115 (6 Weeks)

This is a continuation of the Beginning Agility 1 class. Skills learned in the previous class will be expanded on. Weave pole skills will begin to be taught using channel weaves. Contact equipment will stay low. Leashes will start to come off. Dogs and handlers will begin to learn to read each other’s body language, and basic obstacle sequences will be taught.

Prerequisite: Beginning Agility 1. Class limit of 6 dogs.

Intermediate Agility1 - $150 (8 Weeks)

This is where the skills learned in the Beginning classes start coming together. Contact obstacles will start to be raised, and there will be lots of weave pole training with the channel weaves. More complex (and longer) sequences will be introduced, and advanced handling moves will be added to the mix. Dogs will be fully off leash. There will be a lot of new skills and handling techniques learned in this class, so it will run a couple weeks longer than previous classes.

Prerequisite: Beginning Agility 2. Class limit of 6 dogs.

Intermediate Agility2- $150 (8 Weeks)

More of everything in the Intermediate Agility1 class with special focus on weave pole training.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility1. Class limit of 6 dogs.

Advanced Agility- $150 (8 Weeks)

This class finishes up the basic agility program, with special emphasis on weave poles. Students will need to have at least one set of six weave poles at home to practice on by the beginning of this class.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility2. Class limit of 6 dogs.

Competition Agility - $20 per week (continuing)

For the dogs and handlers that have displayed a good working knowledge of obstacles and sequences, the Competition Agility class is next. This class is ongoing and tuition is on a month-to-month basis. The courses and sequences will be the same degree of difficulty you will find in an Excellent/Master’s level agility trial. Different challenges for both dog and handler will be presented each week. Drop-ins will be allowed (please check with me beforehand to make sure the class is not full).

Prerequisite: Proficient level of accuracy and teamwork in the Advanced Agility class or approval of instructor. Class limit of 6 dogs.


The new class schedule is now up on the enrollment page. Continuing students are grandfathered in to the next class level unless I hear otherwise, so most classes are almost full with one or two spots left.  The exceptions are the Beginning Agility1 and Puppy Pre-Agility1 classes which are wide open to the general public. The Beginning Agility1 class usually fills pretty quick though,  so if you wish to sign up let me know ASAP! If the class you wish to enter is full, I will most likely be starting new class series in 6 to 8 weeks, so please let me know and I will put you on the “list” for the next series of classes.

All classes are 1 hour in length.

Puppy Pre-Agility 1

Puppy Pre-Agility2

Beginning Agility 1

Beginning Agility2

Intermediate Agility1

Intermediate Agility2

Advanced Agility

Competition Agility


The class fees for the Puppy/Beginner/Intermediate classes are listed above.
For the Advanced/Competition class the fee is $20 per week paid in advance on a month-to-month basis.

Drop In Rate- The “Drop in” rate (Competition class ONLY) for students who know in advance they cannot make all the classes the next month is $20 per week. This rate also applies to those who are not students but may wish to occasionally join a class to work on their skills (must contact Geoff in advance to check for room in the class). Please keep in mind that students who pay the fee for the full month of Competition classes (one per week) in advance have priority for a slot in the class!

Second Dog?- For those who may want to train a second dog in the Competition class, the fee for the second dog will be $15 per week.

Private lessons?- Private lessons will be available at the rate of $35 per half-hour. Contact Geoff for more info on this.

Building Rental?- Yes! The building is available for rental! Please contact me for rates.


K9 POWERSPORTS  is a school, and after enrollment and payment are processed you will be expected to attend all classes. Students will be allowed one make-up session per group class at instructors discretion, however.


If the instructor cancels a class for whatever reason (weather, illness etc…), the series of classes (Puppy/Beginner/Intermediate) will be extended a week. If in a month-to-month Competition class, a refund will be reflected in the following month’s tuition.


K9 Powersports will give a full refund for the Puppy/Beginner classes providing the student withdraws before the beginning of the second class in the series

Any questions? Please contact Geoff!
(970) 462-6660